2015 Board of Directors

Board PicBoard of Directors

John Beisbier, President - 2002 - 2016
916 Chestnut Street; West Bend, WI 53095; (262) 338-8663 (H); johnbeisbier@yahoo.com

John served in the US Navy for 4 years after High School, worked several different jobs before starting withe the US Postal Service from where he retired in March of 1996. John joined The Arc of Washington County in 1970 and was elected as treasurer in 1995, served 3 years and was then elected president in 1998 to the present. John and his wife Arlene have a son with Down Syndrome.

John is currently serving as a Board member for The Threshold - a Community Rehabilitation Facility in West Bend for over 30 years. He has served as steward and union president for 28 years for Local 878 - American Postal Workers Union, served as Financial Secretary for the Washington County Central Labor Council for 26 years, is active in the local Knights of Columbus Council for 48 years - served in all offices of the Council, was past District Deputy for Wisconsin Knights of Columbus, has attended numerous State and National Conventions for the Unions, the Knights of Columbus and The Arc.

Donna Auchue, Vice President - 2007 - 2015
P.O. Box 406, Fox Lake, WI 53703; (920) 296-8490 (C); (920) 520-0058 (H); donnauch@charter.net

Donna has been actively involved with Dodge County ARC for 15 years. She held the office of Secretary for 2 - two years terms and President for a two year term. Donna has helped with decoration, invites and other jobs for parties.

She has served on The Arc-Wisconsin board for 4 years. While on the board she was part of the Organizational Management Committee and the Public Policy Committee. She also had the opportunity to be a part of the committee to change the affiliation dues and to get clarification as to what The Arc-Wisconsin does for the local chapters and what local chapters can do for The Arc-Wisconsin so that we are more united as one.

Donna enjoys doing the newsletter, helping with parties and doing invites. She enjoys sewing and crafts. She would like to see The Arc grow an is very interested in Family Care which is implemented in Dodge County. She has a daughter who is actively involved with Special Olympics. She enjoys watching her and her peers compete and socialize. It is a joy to see what these special people can do for themselves and with others. She is also an active volunteer for Special Olympics and helps with several sports.

Open, Treasurer

Tina Beauprey, Secretary - 2012 - 2016
542 E. Center Street; Juneau, WI 53039; (920) 382-3098

Tina has been actively involved with Dodge County ARC for 9 years. She has helped with decorations for parties that the ARC puts on. She has been married for 9 years and has three children, one step daughter and a grandson. Tina is employed as a carrier for the Daily Citizen for nine years.

She enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandson. She does respite for her disabled sister. She has been a volunteer for Special Olympics for four years.

Perry Mueller, Past President - 1996 - 2016
16005 Gebhardt Road; Brookfield, WI 53005; (262) 894-0175; perry.mueller@milwcnty.com

Perry works as a consultant for the Milwaukee County Disability Services Division. He is involved with transition services for young adults with disabilities leaving high school. He has worked with individuals and systems that serve persons with disabilities.

Perry has served on the Board since 1996 and has various positions including two terms as Board President. As Past President he serves on the executive committee and has various committee assignments.

Perry is involved with various organizations including; AAIDD board of directors, Southeastern Wisconsin Training Initiative, Adonai Employment Agency, McTab and MADDSA. Perry received a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology.

Perry is married to Nancy who is a first grade teacher. His daughter Sarah works for Teach for America and supervises a number of teachers in Dallas Texas. His son just graduated from the University of Minnesota in Global Studies. (Job please!)

Pet s have increased. No snake but two cats and a rescue dog from the Indian Reservation, Annie.

Sandra Berndt - 2012 - 2015
1731 Colony Circle; Sun Prairie, WI 53590; (608) 825-2782

Peg Gagnon - 2009 - 2016
PO Box 1625; Hudson, WI 54016; (715) 381-8230 (W); peg.gagnon@yahoo.com

Peg serves as Executive Director of BRIDGE for Youth with Disabilities, a non-profit organization in Hudson that collaborates with school, county and community youth-serving agencies in providing lifelong opportunities for youth and others with disabilities.

Peg's daughter, Marky, a young woman with special needs, recently passed away due to complications related to pneumonia. Peg has been busy getting her other daughter, Maddy, prepared for life after medical school.

Getting The Arc network active and growing in Western Wisconsin is a primary interest for Peg.

Kay Hurkmans - 2014 - 2015
CCLS, 1417 Wauwatosa Avenue # 205, Wauwatosa, WI 53213; (414) 302-0902 ext. 120 (W)

Kay is a County Director for Creative Community Living Services (CCLS) and has worked for this organization for over 30 years. CCLS provides residential services to individuals with Intellectual and Developments Disabilities.

Kay previously served on The Arc-Wisconsin Board of Directors as Secretary, Vice President, and Board Member, as well as serving on various committees. Kay left the Board in 2010 to focus on school commitments and working on her bachelor's degree is Social Work.

Kay's interests involve reading, yard work, enjoying a beautiful day, and taking walks by the lake. Kay is the parent of an adult child who is currently in Nairobi, Kenya working toward the goal of better education for all children, including those with disabilities that live ispitals (institutions) and the slum areas of Nairobi. As a board member, Kay would bring her experience in the field and the desire to help in anyway she can.

Jeffrey Johnson - 2014 -2015 - Member of the ARC Dane County
641 W. Main Street #113, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 255-0994 (H)

Jeffrey is a Client Service Assistant in the Madison area. He has spent a total of about 15 years in institutions, which is why he is an advocate for closing the institutions. Jeffrey is the past President of People First of Dane County and a former Board Member of People First Wisconsin. He also teaches an empowerment course for people with disabilities and does a lot of public speaking including a conference in Washington, D.C. with members of his support team.

Jeffrey attended a meeting a few years ago at Cuna Mutual Insurance Company on behalf of three men with Developmental Disabilities who wanted to move into a new group home in a new neighborhood. They said if these three move in, rent would go up. Two people from the University of Madison were found guilty of discrimination at this meeting but were personage their minds.

Karen Zepecki - 2008 - 2015
959 Saddle Ridge, Portage, WI 53901; (608) 742-7686 (H); kazepecki@gmail.com

Karen and her family of 4 daughters moved to Portage in 1976 and continue their passion for foster care. One of the girls was a foster child and Dan and Karen had to fight the system so she could move with them. She is physically and mentally challenged and had made great strides while in their care. She is now 43 years old, independent and very happy. Shortly after they moved to Portage they became foster parents to a brother and sister which they were able to adopt in the mid 80's, again with fighting the system. The Zepecki's have had multiple foster children in their care but are not retired. They enjoy boating with the kids and their families, golfing and traveling. If Karen ever became First Lady she would advocate the foster care system and children.