Special Needs Trusts

Special Needs Trusts

Recently, The Arc-Wisconsin has received an increasing amount of requests for information about special needs trusts. We encourage everyone to learn about special needs trusts and if they are appropriate for your individual situations.

Being "ahead of the curve" as usual, The Arc of The United States developed a very helpful guide that explains pooled special needs trusts. While the document is a bit dated, the information is still helpful and applicable. Click on the link below to read and/or download a copy of this guide.

Pooled Trust Program Guide

Fortunately, there are pooled special needs trust program options available in Wisconsin. There are additional options, including private individual special needs trusts. Because trusts can be complex and must be developed based on the individual needs of the trust beneficiaries, it is recommended that anyone interested in establishing a special needs trust work with an attorney with expertise in special needs trusts. Should you require assistance in locating such an attorney, please contact The Arc-Wisconsin at (877) 272-8400.

Below is additional information about the pooled special needs trust options in Wisconsin.



WisPACT, a statewide program, was developed several years ago through a strong collaborative effort by The Arc-Wisconsin, NAMI Wisconsin and the Elder Law Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin. For more information on WisPACT, please visit their website at: www.wispact.org.

Life Navigators

Life Navigators, based in the Milwaukee area, offers a pooled special needs trust program. Please visit their website at: http://www.lifenavigators.org